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Mitski: A Curated Exhibition

Publication, Poster, & Type Design
texts by various authors
4.25 x 7 in, 180 pg.

This publication showcases the work of Mitski Miyawaki, an Asian-American indie-rock artist. The hand-bound volume features editorial reviews and interviews of the artist, as well as lyric passages and images of Mitski and her process. The publication serves as an homage to a fellow Asian-American woman artist who reminds me to be unabashed in my artistic expressions.

In curating and designing this book, I paid special attention to the distinction of authorial voice through typography, compositional grid, and material. Articles and interviews written by cultural commentators are typeset in Arial, following a strict blocked grid system, whereas song lyrics are composed in poetic and free-flowing verses and printed on transparent vellum.

I also designed and screenprinted a poster that wraps around the book as a dust jacket.

To accompany the main publication, I designed a typeface inspired by the reverberating and emotional sounds of Mitski’s music. Three wavelike tendrils echo from each character like fingers outstretched from a hand.

Made under the generous guidance of Ramon Tejada 🙏